Salvador Dali’s Rare Collection of Etchings, Tapestries & Watercolors Make Their Way to SD

Reprinted from LocalLuxe

Beginning Friday, July 25, Salvador Dali: The Argillet Collection will make its stop at Meyer Fine Art in Little Italy. The traveling collection will be on display and available for acquisition until September 6, and includes rare pieces curated by Madame Christine Argillet, the daughter of Pierre Argillet, Dali’s publisher and close confidante for more than 50 years. The summers Argillet spent with Dali and her father, as well as their close relationship is demonstrated through the carefully-selected etchings, tapestries and watercolors.

The exhibit will feature more than 50 pieces of artwork, including the Aubusson tapestry of the Bullfight. Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Tauromachie, Dali created a series of etchings of surrealistic bullfights. The pieces feature a burning giraffe, bull inside of a piano, and fish as toreadors creating a flipped universe that is Dali’s world.

Along with the works of art, the curator, Madame Christine Argillet will be making a rare appearance and visiting the gallery on August 23 and 24 where she will discuss her personal experiences with the master painter. Argillet’s visits and the exhibits are free and open to the public, RSVP’s are strongly recommended.