Road Show Artist Alexandra Nechita Reflects Back On One Of Her Many Extraordinary Accomplishments

Visual Artist Alexandra Nechita Looks Back At Designing 39th GRAMMY Awards Poster At 12

Alexandra Nechita was just 12 when she was commissioned to create the artwork for the 39th GRAMMY Awards. In an interview with, she looks back on her vision and talks what she is doing now.

Alexandra Nechita(opens in a new tab) hadn’t even finished middle school when she took on one of the most influential responsibilities associated with the GRAMMY Awards’ identity. At just 12 years old, the child prodigy known then as the “Petite Picasso,” with at least 16 exhibitions(opens in a new tab) under her belt and $1.5 million in sales, was commissioned to bring to life the art behind the 39th GRAMMY Awards.

Her painting, named Because You Love What You Do, became the poster art for Music’s Biggest Night and honored musicians’ commitment and passion to their work, simultaneously encapsulating the show’s energy and love of music. At the GRAMMY Awards nomination announcement and poster unveiling a little more than a month before the show on Feb. 26, 1997, a young Nechita was all smiles next to the likes of JewelBusta Rhymes and singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega.