Message From Nim Vaswani

Nim VaswaniAn update from our CEO Nim Vaswani

Dearest Friends,
I see a light at the end of the very dark tunnel that we’ve all been in for the past year. Hopefully, the vaccine distribution will be very effective and we’ll see life return to almost what it was in 2019 !!

I’m not exactly sure when we’ll be able to have our usual gallery shows, but I’m guessing it’ll be early fall at the earliest. We shall keep you posted

Meanwhile, we are planning on organizing some of our Art Excursions which many of you have already been on with us over the years. They will be in a safe controlled environment, despite the fact that most of us would already have been vaccinated

Our first trip will probably be to The Peter Max Studio in NYC.

It’ll be an overnight trip on July 4
We’ll provide airfare for two, a room at the Park Lane on Central Park for one night, a sumptuous rooftop dinner so we can see the Fireworks and of course a visit to Peter’s Studio where a special selection of his art, including some never seen before vintage works from the 70s through 90s.

Paris Oh Paris !!

I can’t tell you how many of you have asked us when we’re doing our next Paris Dali Argillet trip that was a big hit.
Good news !!! We’re planning one at the end of August, and it’ll include a day trip to The Normandy beaches. Stay tuned !

We’re also working on an excursion to Las Vegas in the Fall

Airfare, 2 nights at a Strip Hotel, dinner,show, the works !!
Chad Smith will be our Star Artist there (Depending on the Concert Schedule of THe Red Hot Chili Peppers). We’ll let you know….

If any of the above events interest you, and you want to know more, please email me

Obviously, all dates are tentative and may be adjusted depending on how and when the virus is more contained

Please be safe. I miss seeing you all TONS