An update from our CEO Nim Vaswani

Nim VaswaniWOW!! Doesn’t time fly ??

I can’t believe it’s already been 25 years since I started Road Show Company, and what a journey it has been!!
Couldn’t have happened without the team, past and present (Lesley, Sumair, David, Allison,Jairo & Eilene) almost all of them since the beginning,  or
without our host Gallery partners over the years. 
Can’t forget the Artists…
Alex Nechita, whom we started with when she was but 12 years 
old, and we STILL represent her. 
Peter Max, my friend and Champion; Christine Argillet and her formidable Salvador Dali collection. 
And then there are the Celebrity Artists that we have done shows with starting with Ringo,
John Lennon, Mick Fleetwood, Bernie Taupin (Thanks to Daniel), Jane Seymour, and Chad Smith (thanks to Scene4). 
And MOST of all, to our loyal clients who’ve stayed with us through recessions, pandemics and good economic times.  We love you ❤️
How can one be so lucky to have been part of this for 25 years !!

Nim Vaswani