Art Dealer Show: An Art Dealer By Any Other Name

If the art world has its equivalent to an old-time tent revival it would the “Road Show Company” Since 1997, Nim Vaswani and his devoted crew of art dealers have criss-crossed the United States and beyond, putting on art shows with A-list artists inside galleries in B–level markets. Dali to Tampa, Max to Omaha, Taupin to Scottsdale. Continue Reading →

Pop culture artist Peter Max in Raleigh at Mahler Fine Art

Peter Max will paint just about anything – any subject, and applied to any medium, whether it be canvas or the side of a Norwegian cruise ship. He has painted sitting presidents, the Beatles and Taylor Swift; he has painted Dale Earnhardt’s car and is the official portrait artist for the Statue of Liberty. His vibrant, psychedelic designs have graced postage stamps, ads, album covers and Super Bowl campaigns. Continue Reading →

Redsea Gallery to Exhibit Dali Tapestries and Porcelain From Pierre Argillet Collection

A selection of works by the celebrated Surrealist artist Salvador Dali from the acclaimed Pierre Argillet Collection will be exhibited at Redsea Gallery in Singapore from September 11 through October 5.

Avid art collector Pierre Argillet and Dali were known to have a long-lasting friendship of over 30 years. Moreover, the duo had a fruitful artistic collaboration, creating nearly 200 etchings, most of which have not been viewed by the public in Southeast Asia. Continue Reading →

KVNO News: Gallery 72 Welcomes Peter Max

With a body of work that’s helped define the American artistic landscape for decades, artist Peter Max will have a newly-curated collection of painting on exhibit at Omaha’s Gallery 72 located at 1806 Vinton Street. To mark the exhibition, Max will make two appearances at the gallery for a pair of ‘Meet the Artist” receptions on Saturday, April 23rd from 4-7 p.m. and Sunday, April 24th from 2-5 p.m. Continue Reading →